Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Happy First Year of Life little one.
A yr already?
It's difficult to completely describe the joy you bring me.
Although you are sassier than ever...
I can not stand to spend hardly anytime away from you.
Even with you telling your mom "no" these days, yes, I said she tells me no... she has her own way of communicating to me that she is saying no.
With that being said, I still want to eat you up.

You're brilliant
You went from the best eater, I have ever seen for a baby, to so randomly picky
You're truly hilarious, and are constantly making everyone around you laugh
You could read your books nonstop, day in and day out
You're chatty, always have been, and are now more than ever
Every animal amazes you
 You're a huge chicken about walking.

i love you baby