Wednesday, February 29, 2012

new love

push pin earrings

 turn these beauts into earrings, a pair for me and a pair for bestie!

enough said

oh p.s. I miss the hubs. 
Where is he?
Oh just work...
I know, pathetic.

Monday, February 27, 2012

special news! scouts, giggles, "run down" little one

This kid is going to Fort Lauderdale, FL, 
where he will serve a 2 yr LDS mission.
We will miss him more than he can know.
We are very proud of him.

Two things I will be bringing to The Blue and Gold Banquet.
Besides the main dish.
 These two beauts...................
 Snickers salad.
What? They're scouts!
Sheet Cakes

Silly commercials that make me laugh
when they should just be


buck meow buck meow.
me and one of my favorite little
girls rewound this at 
least a dozen times last year.

Isaac pointed this commercial to me, explaining how dumb it is.

p.s. sick babes

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

recipe for a good day

begin with an outfit that made me smile

 add a cup or so of
birthday girl...20?
(I am lame-o and completely to document her birthday lunch!
so this is what you get)

-zest for family
-ability to retain knowledge, (forgot to leave me some of this!)
-fun loving
-just about any book -aholic
-movie LOVER
-friend to all
-duplicate of her momma with large punches of her own flare!
-a testimony I admire

we paired this lunch with
a good all around
Target run.
which puts just about any lady in fine spirits.
Lucy (birthday girl) purchased a number of tops 
that were STUNNING on her.

threw in a pinch of organization
to the clutter.
sigh of relief

along with sprucing to spring!

tossed with my pretty baby girl

 Eddy love
 8 months

 slightly blurry, but I think in this specific one she finally looks
slightly like me, when I was a babe

 "You mean I get to hold the apple slices and do what I please?"
I quickly learned my lesson as I discovered
she thought it was fun to gnaw off decent sized chunks, 
 blowing drying her hair made me 
laugh like a small child
"you see this cute baby mom?" 

top with  the fact that as we speak my man is giving his speech that
the kid worked hard on.
when he gets home it is like a Friday night because tomorrow is
his DAY OFF.

for a little sweetness
I think I will end the night with some serious felt flower making!

In the words of Ellen... "Be good to one another!"
loves and hugs

Friday, February 17, 2012

i have a problem

I have an ugly secret that keeps me up at night
on a usual basis.

 I have 3 major things
that are always on my mind.

1. being more healthy/working out ect.
b. daily, weekly, yearly goals

lastly and more embarrassingly, 
I am mourning lost time with my baby, while she is
still a baby!

the worst part is that I realize this is a problem
and it still continues.

without exaggeration, not even a little bit, this is what my day is like..

I lay on the floor next to baby girl and play with her 
for a while, 
then I tell myself to leave her alone for a bit
because little ones need to be okay being on their own
and to learn
to be content playing all by their little self.
while I let her do this, it eats me up!
"I'm loosing time with my little 8 month baby
that will be 9 one month."
Go to bed at night and think to myself. WELL, there goes
anooother day of my baby's babyhood.

All the while she is loving the space I give her. She soaks in EVVVVERY minute.
she is the most independent child I have meet in my LIFE.
 she whacked herself on the head and it hurt
her little feelings.   Naturally I pick her up and, trying not to smother, I give her loves.
she was not a fan. 

My sis-in-law told me a sweet story about
how her little boy went and stayed at a neighbors for a bit
and she walked in and he was playing happily 
with toys and then when he looked up and saw her, he
buried his head in the carpet and sobbed
like he had had the worst time of his little existence
and was relieved to be reunited with his mom.
(he and Reags are very close in age)

does Reagan react similarity?
not even slightly. 
She is a loving baby. truly!
generally to babies.

gives lots of loves to one of her best friends and cousin, Cade!

lately, she has given her dad and I kisses
without being asked.
we'll take them :)

p.s. I am glad she is who she is. 
all whining aside.
she has the best little personality.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"You Kill Her You Kill Me!"

the mr...

the mrs....

my sweetie!

this girl is too good to me!

 tax return
 I think it was an unfair ratio if you ask me!

the babes...
why is the girl looking up?

 because our thoughtful waitress offered her one of THESE...
she asked if she was old enough...
Well yes, I guess she is.
Grown up baby girl!
She was thrilled, needless to say.

 p.s. this was her vday present. 
Yes we do presents. 
just a fun tradition.
I set out to buy Lady and the Tramp. Well I could only find it with the
price tag of $30 dollars. So she came home with 
Beauty and the Beast, with half the price tag
which come to find out we already own. 
So it will be returned and
I will buy Lady and the Tramp at better price.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Roadtrips, Cousin love and Nightmares!

Some time has passed.
However I would still like to share
my pics from a 
trip to Utah with the Doman ladies.

It was way too much fun

 moments before we left
(we were excited to hit the road)

Reagan was beside herself
at the thought of visiting the Stevens family!

look at Caders sitting up like a champ!
I could eat him up!
 Reagan adores him too.
Sometimes she forgets she is a baby also.
 clapping for him sitting up :)
 Madix! Getting so big and grown up.
So handsome!
 Holy cute! Am I right?
 Like his dangling feet?
 hah! On the back it said "And I sure like Pinterest!"
 beautiful painting I so badly want to attempt for Rea's room
 This beaut was only $28 ...what a bargain.
So of course we got two.
It's not Reagan's style anyway.
 She crashed after a long day in the car and then me
dragging her along to the craft fair until 9 o'clock at night!
 Beautiful Kardy! She is always the life of the party!

my latest work. I'm rather found of it.
 her hair is long enough to do this...
the cuteness builds every day and often gets
(she felt so grown up with pigtails and her sticker the man at Target gave her)
 kissing cousins!
Reagan couldn't get enough of her cousins last weekend.
it is so funny how adorable she thinks they are..
like she is some big grown up!
 I did Jane Factor's hair  in the waterfall braid
Then the Maiden braid.
If only I could do these things to myself!
Another trip to Winco with the babes.
They are best friends whether the want to be or not!
plus.... not the best pic. I was trying to do it without someone noticing.
Ben tries to pretend for some dumb reason like he is not completely
head over heels for his niece.
In this picture he was trying to teach her his name. In between kisses he was giving her.
who could blame him?

P.s. The "Nightmare" section of the title refers to this story...
To make a long story short.
About a month about I went in and talked to our
landlord about maintenance that needed to be done in our apartments.
They have a maintenance man to resolve those issues.
I filled out their sheet of paper with my number and info that he could call to make an appointment.
Obviously if they have a sheet of paper for this asking for your number they want to
be able to make an appointment at the time that works best for you.
At least that is the only logical scenario.
One month later
Taking a shower and we hear knocks on the door. Obviously don't answer. Then a couple seconds later. More knocks...
 I run to the peep hole and no one is there.
We start getting ready for the day. About ten minutes later more knocks...

Oh and UNLOCK AND HE WALKS RIGHT IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
not ok.
I was standing there in a shirt and UNDERWEAR.
not ok.
I had to run and hide by the washer and dryer.

blah blah blah I had to end up asking him to turn around.
so embarrassing and so upsetting.
and he said "Oh, I thought you guys weren't home."
I forgot that that means you just walk on into my apartment.
I don't care if we don't own them. It is still our place of privacy.
I was livid.
the end