Saturday, January 28, 2012

$250 recipe...but really

Neiman Marcus Chocolate Cookies


You may have this recipe too thanks to my mother in law.

Neiman Marcus (extra chocolatey) Chocolate Cookies

2 c.  butter
2 c. white sugar
2 c. brown sugar
4 eggs
2 tsp. vanilla
4 c. flour
5 c. blended oats (blend those puppies up good in a blender)
1 tsp. salt
2 tsp. baking power
2 tsp. baking soda
24 oz. chocolate chips
8 oz. granted chocolate bar (I used almond bark)
3 c. chopped nuts (optional of course)

Cream butter and both sugars. Add eggs and vanilla. Mix together with flour oatmeal, salt,
baking power and soda. Add chocolate chips, and grated chocolate.
Bake for 10 minutes at 375
It says it makes 125 cookies.
It made 6 dozen for me.
When I make these babies again I will half the recipe. 

As of yesterday... (wait for it, wait for it)

we got CABLE..... I can hear Court's cheering and clapping as I am typing these words.
Cable one has a little deal between internet and cable.
So we caved.
Not our proudest moment. :)
We're babies.
We already feel like it is our guilty pleasure.

The Perks:


-The News, we will feel like we actually
know what is going on 
in the world and will feel confident
in making a well educated
vote on our upcoming 

-Food Network. ahhhh. LOVE

-Isaac can keep up with Sports. Which will
be so nice for him.
He deserves that!

- And waaaay too many other addicting shows.

I am determined not to get sucked in.
(as I typed those words I have Food Network playing
in the background)
but really....

                                                                    lou and lee                              mine

I need to go stock up my felt supply 
after hours of learning to work with

two fav peps

sometimes I headband braid my hair.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

bread and babies

Ernest Hemingway:

Before you talk, listen
Before you react, think
Before you spend, earn
Before you criticize, wait
Before you pray, forgive
Before you quit, try

Well said Ernest. You pretty much covered it all.
Keys to a happier life.

This is why as soon as I can get some pennies together I will
be buying a canvas and painting these words
to go in my home!!!!

enough said...

I made bread... You proud?

First time!
Mom Doman showed me how.
It turned out very tasty.

P.s. This is why I did not make it to the store tonight

 ouchy bonk on the head.
fell off the couch, 
head first.
hard to see but the bonk is in the
left corner of her forehead

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Anakin, Skiing, Babes

Isaac and I have been 
First Harry Potter.
Now (one of my VERY favorites, not sarcastic)

There will not be a time of watching this great classic
that I will not be completely 
BROKEN hearted watching this transformation....

what a doll, right?

anyone see this coming? :(

In just two movies these events happen!

Step #1-Forbidden Love/Marriage. Step #2 His sole reason for coming to the dark side was to save his wife's life. Instead it resulted in..ending her life. Seriously breaks my heart Step #3 Darth Vador

Well we will be starting the next set of 3 in the trilogy

Skiing with the Porters

(Side note, this is how Janie fell asleep
No Joke! I kept looking back there to make sure 
and she didn't budge until we were home.
And when we pulled into the garage Janie said,
"Maaaaan! We're home already?!?!?
I was in the most comfortable sleeping position."

These are the only pictures I took, due to a continuous
down dump of snow!
When Isaac and I went, there was hardly anything
and it began to get icy. Which was not our favorite.
This time... there was plllllenty. Tons of powder. That was not yet groomed.
FUN but also scary at times. My calves and sore today
which is a sign that I am a baby and went so slow.
Furthermore it just snowed and snowed with the wind out of faces
which wasn't the best. 
HOWEVER...we really all had a blast despite the conditions.

People in attendance-
Esock (the hubs)
and The Jane Factor

Mom hung out with the babes at home. 
I missed her loads.


 two of my fav. things about her.
-the "no wrist"
-finger dimples. AH

 her dad's all time fav pic

 pretty outfit that the bestie got for Reagan for Christmas
 she's clapping because she enjoys the outfit as much as we do :)
how is she mine?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

this girl...

P.s. 7 month crib growth eval pics are in :)


Friday, January 13, 2012

rough couple of days..

for starters....

the babes is teething.
which, I'm embarrassed to say
gets me down.
She is such a content baby that after
a couple of days of a very 
moody baby, 
I turned to the hubs with my arms in the air
at a loss. 
He suggested teething.
Once the words came out of his mouth
I was certain that was it!
People have said forever that she must
be teething because
-she gnaws on anything and everything
-drool master to infinity and beyond
(yeah...that sums it up)

and THEN...

tragic story.
I had been cooped up in the apartment all day
and was slightly blue and desperately
needing groceries.
the babes was crabby so I hadn't felt like dragging her 
to the store during the day.
SO Isaac came up with an ingenious idea
when he got home from work.
He hang with the babes...while I go to the store.
Easy enough.
I went to the store. On my way back, I call Isaac
he answers, 
Isaac-Al I'm not sure if you can hear me
but...I can't hear you. My phone 
may be broken.
(we bought I phones a couple months ago)
Me- too upset (sad) to even really talk.

When I got home he told me the story. 
We have a had a puj tub 
that we bathed Reagan in until she was 6 months.
So very recently I have been bathing
her in the tub.
Also very recently she has been sitting up.
So for about a week I have let her sit up in the tub.
Well Isaac being a total DOLL
decides to give her a bath while I'm out so she is all
ready to go to bed when I get home.
(This was his first time in the grown up tub)
and naturally it made him very nervous.
But he had watched me and he is a big boy and knew he could handle it.
he decides to take a picture for mom 
and just as he is sending it Reagan tips to the side and slides and ends up falling
face first in the water. (a parent's nightmare)
so in turn Isaac tosses the phone and grabs baby girl.
He takes her to the rug and makes sure she's okay.
and she is totally fine!
Then he thinks about the phone (like a GREAT parent)!!!
Which had been sitting at the bottom of the tub....................................

after checking out the phone, most functions worked fine...
-he was able to play a game (the man's most treasured feature)
-send texts...
-basically any app on the phone was working but...
to make phone calls, the person on the other line could hear him fine...but to hear them he had to turn it to speaker! LAME. like you always want people hearing your phone calls. NOT
oh...and the music wasn't working. 
wait what the the main reasons for an I phone. Oh yeah...the phone...and the music.
I was soooo bugged. Ashamedly more bugged than maybe I have ever
been in my life. NOT at Isaac, quite the opposite.
I was sooo grumpy that my hubs that
works he bum off for our little family,
day in 
and day out, 
and HE has HIS nice thing ruined.
And it happened to be WHILE he was trying to be good to me
and offer for me to get out of the house for a bit
AND give her a bath.
Then on top of everything else, he was being SO great about it.
actually apologizing to me for upsetting me...

this is why I do not deserve the guy.

BUUUUUUUT....happy ending.
after a night sitting in a bowl of rice,
today all is well and the phone has recovered.
talk about a blessing.

I really try not to be dramatic.
And more importantly worldly. It is a phone for crying out loud!
But it makes the guy happy.
Which in turn makes me a happy girl.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

7 Months ago???

7 months ago?    werid!

1 week

1 month

blessing (first photo smiling)

3 months


 proudest moment

 First Christmas


bath pictures are the best
(I'm sure you haven't noticed that we dig them)
drinking out of a sippy cup already?
she rocks.

Happy 7 Months little love,

Thanks for all you've added to our lives.
You are so loved.
Remember who you are.
Your Heavenly Father loves you.

love mom

p.s. don't let teething get the best of you.

Important side note , Shout out to HENRY!
Happy birthday big guy! Hope you have a good one.
You deserve it!

P.s Mike you will be missed. Rarely, but sometimes
I dislike Biggest Loser.
"Well, because of the 5 pound
disadvantage you gave the other team,
you will need to send someone 
Thanks Alison, you're a peach.