Monday, July 23, 2012

Dearest Baby Girl

Dearest Baby Girl

Time is speeding by at a rate that seems impossible.
I think back to the time before I was a mom (that time almost doesn't feel like it existed),
when I was so very, pathetically, afraid to enter into the parenting world.
The second I met you (in this life), that fear almost completely vanished and was replaced
with a love that hit me over the head.
Watching you today takes my breath away.
You are as close to perfect as they come.
You complete your dad and I in EVERY sense. 
We needed you. Not as much the other way around. 
You think you have got yourself covered ;)
And you just about do.
You're so stinking brilliant.
A couple weeks ago you lifted up your shirt and said "tickle tickle tickle" while actually tickling your belly!
It shocked me...I had NOT taught you that!
You continued to do it as well as doing it to other people's bellies for a couple days, until one day I heard you reading yourself one of your favorite books and I hear "tickle tickle tickle",  I look over and realize that that is what the books says!!! It says tickle the dog's belly...And I remember after reading that each time, I would tickle the dog's belly and say "tickle tickle tickle".
You're always picking up on things. Which is frightening! I better be a good example to her!

You make us laugh by just living.
It hurts in ways I never knew I could hurt by just the thought of you growing up. Ouch.
However, it is also too fun to watch you grow.
You would have no problem if I read to you from sunup to sundown. 
There are a couple times I have to take a break, but you're not worried,
you just make sure that time is mostly filled with you reading to yourself.
You are either jabbering, what you are sure to be the words to your book.
Jabbering to yourself, to us, or even people you just met, long stories or conversations that you are sure we all need to know (you are very much my daughter this way).
There is also something I try not to mention to you too often, but you are just so cute.
All you've done the last week is practice walking. 
It sometimes takes your breath away...all that walking.
However, that does not stop you.
You're dad mostly taught you how to walk, by pretending he was going to come get you
while you were walking along side of the couch. 
In all the panic to get away from him you let go of the couch and kept going like you're life depended on it!
After that you thought you would keep giving it a try.
You are as sassy as they come!
You have the personality of 20 people trapped in your tiny body of 18 pounds.

Reagan, I love you always. Never forget it!


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lennon and Maisy

I'd like to kiss these cuties for making my day.

Well done girls

Friday, July 6, 2012

Family Pictures


little one, this makes me miss you at your nap time


 a  small illustration of how this girl reacted to picture taking.
teething is mostly to blame.

 You would never know that she was sobbing hysterically


this little beaut gives it away slightly though

Oh and P.s.....


(for those of you that don't already know)

We are very excited. We have always planned on having our little ones close together.

And this time we will be surprised. You may all feel free
to cast your vote.