Saturday, October 29, 2011

baby girl is getting excited for her first Halloween

ooooh, nothing like a little one's first Halloween!
She is very excited to get dressed up, watch for future blog post to see
what Rea Rea will have dressed up as!

We made carmeled apples with The Taylors, the newly weds and Dave and Mary.
Isaac laughed until he cried which is probably only the second time,
that I can remember, him doing that! Dave made a funny that Mary didn't appreciate but got Isaac right in the KISSER! It was very fun then we all played a game of smarts until midnight. Doesn't get much better than that!

Being a "Stay at Home Mom" is my new favorite thing.

The Doman 4! All born within a month or two of another one. We took as many pictures as we could get and the one of the left is the
best one that I got. And the one on the right I had to get in closer because I thought it was just the cutest thing how those two ended up. The Cadenator and Reggy Roo!
Gotta love my Domans! We all talked about having a joint baptism in eight years for them all! That would be so neat!

Something to look forward to....  a SHIN DING at the Porters, we invited Jaquel and Tyler + the rest of the Johnson crew
and our dear friends The Fullmers! It's going to be a Halloween to remember!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy 4 months to you....

Dear Reagan,

Where did your 3rd month of life go? I have loved watching you grow and learn. You laughed last night on the eve of turning 4 months old. (Yes, I know you laughed for Pa pa Porter first, and giggled once of twice after that) But last night you let dad and I record a good little amount of laughing. Reagan your daddy adores you, to say the least. I love you so deeply. In two months you will be eating baby food and you could be sitting up. Both of which seem unbelievable. As much as I want you to stay little I have loved and am excited to see you grow up and get big. Be good. You have been such a good girl so far. I am so proud to call you my own. Keep laughing. Heavenly Father loves you.

love always, mom

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Moving Day!!!

A little over a week ago we moved from...


5th time's a charm? Is that how the saying goes? In our two year marriage we have moved 5 times. So we are pretty much pros now! Our landlords treated us fantastically and they were great apartments. Really our only problems were first that they are smoke free apartments but the previous tenants smoked in it and no matter what we did we/our landlords did it was still stinky. Isaac and I didn't like the idea of Reagan crawling around in smokey smelling carpet. And secondly, very recently our upstairs neighbors recently decided to be noisy just above the nursery (which was not our favorite new feature of the place). So we looked around and found this little beauty (above). And for temporary living it is not so bad. We have really felt cozy. The two things I was really bummed about leaving were .....

The pretty baby blue baby girl's nursery....(that our landlords were so sweet to let us paint). Not very fun to part with.


Our very hot hot water, which, we happen to have pretty hot water here and just like at our old place we don't run out of quickly which is so nice!

P.s. A couple recent downers...

  • First a couple weeks ago Isaac lost in insulin kit for his diabetes which happens to cost a pretty penny so we have been anxiously been searching, calling, and waiting. First we called Buffalo Wild Wings which is for sure where we thought it was because it was on the side of the diaper bag when we walked in and we can't remember seeing it after that. So we called, they said they had nothing but they took his info and said they would call if anything turns up. He gets a message a week and a half later and they said they have his insulin...he goes down there and it is not his kit. Rough!
  • Then my sister in laws, mother in law and I go to Rexburg where my other sister in law lives for the day to work on car seat blanket covers. One thing leads to another and my car keys are locked in my car in the ignition and my brother in law is unable to break in (which I guess is a really good thing that it is not that easy to break in to). So instead of paying for a lock smith my sister in law says to take their van and we can bring it back in the morning with spare keys to break in. BUT.... when I get there it will not unlock with the keys in the ignition SO.... my brother in law has to fish a dooly looly in and pull the car keys out of the ignition so we can get into our own car.... AH is all I can say to that.
and one last AH
  • The other day I get a call saying "This is your last courtesy call to lower your interest rate to as low as 6% on your credit cards, blah blah blah." Isaac has been talking about needing to call and ask for them to lower our interest rate for a me being the great wife that I am thought, I'll surprise my husband with a lower interest rate. Wahooo! So I pushed the button to talk to a "friendly associate" and a sweet little ole' gal gets on the line and starts walking me through the steps of how to get my lower interest rate, but first... I need to verify my info so I can prove that I am who I say I am. Ok, sure I'll rattle off my credit card number, expiration date of my card, last 4 of my social, because that seems like the smart thing to do right??? Oh you need my husband's last 4 of his social? Sure... but I don't know what it is yet, can I call him and have you call me back? "Oh sure ma'm, that sounds great.
- Me: Isaac, so you'll never guess what I'm doing...I'm lowering our interest rate with this lady who is going to lower our interest rate on the credit card with the highest interest rate, cool huh? I just need the last 4 digits of your social.
-Isaac: Uh, Al...who is she?
-Me: Um...Isaac...A credit lady that wants to help us....
-Isaac: So she is not from a specific credit card company?
-Me: Hmmmm I don't think so, she didn't say anything about being from a specific company....odd....suspicious.
-Isaac: I'd like to talk to her before giving her those numbers
-Me: good idea.

So very quickly this, chick, calls back. I say, my husband would like to talk to you before he gives you the last 4 of his social. She responds saying, "Oh sure ma'm I would love to." So I give her THOSE digits, and she calls back quickly and says "Ok I called him and got that information if you'd like to continue by giving me blah blah blah." I said, "Ok let me look that up, can you call me back?" Then she says "Sure ma'm." Call the husband and I say ok so she said you gave her the information... and he says, "Al, I did not give her that information." HOT DANG! Guess who doesn't get another call back!!!! So I quickly call and cancel that card and they make me a new account. Well I feel really dumb, but lesson learned.

wow what a few couple of weeks!

But my best friend has been here and it has been a pretty enjoyable time getting to bond with her!!!!
blast from the past pic but it needed to happen! we have been doing lots of bonding, birthday celebration, pintrest craft doin. And I still get to keep her for a couple of weeks. Woot woot. Plenty of fun to come.

done for the night, holy blog post batman! I was trying to make it light but I laid it on thick. Be back tomorrow most likely because the babes turns 4 months and we need to have a celebration