Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Time to remember there is a lot to be Thankful for!

Where have we been...
What have we been doing.... 
Well here goes...

 Looking at this beauty for the past week while pup sitting for my parents 
while they took the little children to Mexico

A late night last minute Target adventure

Thanksgiving Day :)
(Mallory found her "Huggy", hah! made me giggle)

the usual baby girl pics

(sucking on a pickle...she thought that it was a great idea!)

and best of all...

these two make me the happiest

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm a sucker...pun totally intended! HAH

Oh Twilight! I shall see you tomorrow at one p.m.
I know this picture will not be a part of this part... HOWEVER
I couldn't resist. And who knows if it is even a part
of the next...part. Oh well


So, I have this cute baby who discovered her shoes today
she thought they were neat.

         hey....                                        when did these get here?              Mom, have you seen these?

And to think Isaac doesn't think she looks like him at all....

and a slumbering babe.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dinner Disater!

So Basically I am a decent cook. 
I wouldn't call myself brilliant but generally I can execute a meal.
Well a couple nights ago totally ruined my track record.
I failed miserably. 
I spent quite a bit of time making "Orange Chicken"
It smelt amazing. We were excited to dig in.
With one nibble I saw that the chicken was WAY overcooked.
I followed the directions perfectly.
BUT... in further evaluation I realized that my problem laid or lyed (?) in the size of the chicken pieces
I cut them too tiny and cooked them as the directions said
four hours on low... (I should have known!)
Man that made me preeeety grumpy (just ask the hubs).
So... I had to save the night with these beauties (sarcasm intended!)

 an exact replica of THESE
I know right? The resemblance is spot on...with a few minor differences.

Okay all jokes aside they were tasty.
Also... they are green for Christmas spirit.
Not so pretty but oh so tasty. Thanks pintrest!

On another subject The Sing Off never lets me down but it did a little last week
but then it REALLY did on Monday night. So sad. Vocal Point...we will sorely miss you.

Now for a few shots of the babes. 
Necessary, I must say.
My mom heard about a brilliant idea that many folk out there are doing and we decided to do with Reagan.
Monthly growth comparison pictures. We chose to do ours in her crib.
So here is her 4 month pic. (See older post for older crib pics)


5 Months!

first she was like...

then she was like...

and FINALLY....

This is the winner!
drum roll please....

A sad pic of a baby not loving her coat and headband combo....


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Little one you are 5 months old!

Dear Reagan Roo,

Happy 5 months baby girl. You are so grown up I can't stand it.
You were just barely two weeks getting your pictures taken!
You are 5 months old, next month you will be one half of a year old!!! Wow.
I was just pregnant and imagining what my baby girl was going to be like.
You surprised me in all the best ways. :)
To say I love you doesn't fully fill how deeply I care for you.
Every morning is Christmas, even if you were up lots of the night!
     You have so much spunk, it makes us laugh!
And yet you have THE sweetest spirit, which draws others to you.

love mom
P.s. We just had a kiss fight before I put you down for bed
                                                                         and you won. :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

There's a possibility I may have....


Ombre Hair, pretty blond! 
the pic is deceiving, it is much lighter than it looks.


Poor baby girl.......
I'm a bad mom,
she was such a great sport and 
I think she may have already forgiven me, she is so sweet!

All since the last time I posted, I've been busy!

Side note!
Look how cute these two are!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Life is Bliss

For my small audience out there: If you plan on being my blog friend
you better realize that I have an obsession with my baby...
fairly enough! Right?
So there are going to be lots of pictures but 
I plan on adding other things about my life as well!

I feel especially grateful this November because of my new little family. 
They fill me with more love than I knew I was capable of!
Everyday with them is my favorite day and 
I can't wait to learn and grow with them and make our family bigger.
My husband is kinder to me than I deserve. 
I adore him.
A sweet spirited baby girl that makes her dad and I want to be the best us we can be!
She defines JOY for us.

I am also very blessed to have grown up in the family that I have...
who have been such great examples of kindness and giving, 
with such strong testimonies and unshakable faith!!! 
Funner (which is now a part of the English dictionary) than ever to see Mom and Dad
be grandparents, the role suits them nicely.
The bro and sisters have enjoyed being aunts and uncles for the first time :)
Reagan is one lucky girl... she is one loved girl.
So proud to call them mine. 
Oh so blessed!

My new not so little family, 
the Domans who are so special. Always so willing 
to do anything for anyone. I'm very
blessed that Isaac was raised in their home, and with
him being the man he is today because of the influences from such great examples.
Forever grateful.

 Life long friends who have changed me forever 
and blessed me in ways they will 
never know!
Rach Fullmer, Rachel Davis and Jaquely! You too!!!

A safe and wonderful cozy apartment to grow as a family in for a bit.

A job for my husband for him to provide for us!

Being able to be a stay at home mom!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Sleep?

Watermelon :)
Bailee the owl and little Reagan

Luke Doman a.k.a Duke Loman's pumpkin carving skills on the very left and don't need me to spell out the gal's pumpkin skills on the right because she did that for you, because she is that good!

Doman clan posing for Hallown 11', p.s. don't be alarmed my 4 month old is standing by herself on Grandma and Pa pa's fireplace, N.B.D! (no big deal)

Henry was the scariest/studliest little monster around and Reagan got tired and fell alseep, sitting up mind you. and Rach dressed up as a zombie, I'm not going to reveal her secret on how she was able to get her eyes to look like that!

Painted Pumpkins!

PORTER PARTY!!!!!!! Jaquel and I made THE best caramel apples around. I try not to toot my own horn. But I love tooting Jaquel's horn!!! Anyway that is all besides the point because someone's horn needed to be tooted because they were divine!.Yum! P.s Look how cute the Fullmers are. Don't you want to eat them up?