Monday, September 26, 2011

Hello Blogging Wolrd

I am Ally Doman formally known as Ally Porter. I thought it would be fun to join you blogging folk. We are the Domans. Isaac and I have had a crush on each other since the ninth grade so we thought it may be a good idea to get hitched. We've spent the last two years enjoying being newly weds. We have both been working away and Isaac has been taking classes at ISU.
But as of late we have a child.... Which is our new favorite thing! Reagan Kari was born on June 12th, 3 days before my day of birth. She has been a dream baby. We adore her to say the least. She is the first grand baby for my parents and the 14th on the Doman side. Isaac and I have been having too much fun being parents. You always hear how wonderful being a mom is but nothing I ever imagined came close to how special it is.
That's us for a start!

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  1. your baby is the cutest girl baby i have ever seen. ever.