Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A reunion

First, Doman style...

Pool in Grandma's backyard

We met up the boys after they got done fishing for lunch. (Side note, they spooked a Mom BLACK BEAR and her cubs while they were fishing...nbd!) The babes were getting toasty
so we tossed them in the river. My baby...before this picture was taken, for quite a while, was having a blast. But of course by the time I wanted to take pictures...she decided to be a baby. :)

 get a load of these cuties!

Love when these Domans come to town. Miss you already Madi!

 Brianna, the little mom of the group

Dakota Benjamin, being a stud as usual!

Then we headed to CO for some Porter/Everett/Fry time

9 very long car ride each way. Reagan did amazingly!
Each potty break (only two each way!) was filled with lots of loving on Reags!

 Gramps needs the volume a little louder than Grandma likes.

Granny time

 It seemed unfair to drive away, and take these two away from each other.
No amount of distance should come between them. It was worth the entire trip just for these two to begin their friendship.

 Grandma showing us her Freshman College Yearbook!
Can you imagine having a yearbook these days....Do they still? Crazy.
She was Vice President of her class freshman year. She's too cute!

 Shes's a doll huh?

 Grandma and Great Uncle Ken.

 Uncle Randy...one of the best men I know!

 Notice...He is playing with her hair

 Two of my Favs
Panera Bread

 Grandma and Reagan

 Stretching her legs...and arms at the half way point.

 "Hey mom...what's this?"

Her new love Fred the Bear. Thanks Grandma for making her day...and mine.
Nothing better than a treasure from her great grandparents.

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