Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy First Birthday Bubba

Sweetest boy, Happy Happy Birthday,

Heaven only knows our bond. You are just another piece that I was missing.  Thank you for choosing me. I pray daily to do right by you. You deserve nothing else.
You enjoy food. The unhealthy type is your preference. You also enjoy being with momma. I have never complained. You like you stand on your own, just to show everyone you can. You and your sister have a tight bond. I'm afraid you will soon be teaching her how to get into trouble. Since she never discovered how to on her own... Always remember to be good to each other.
Your dad and I try to slap anything with a baseball on you. We will see what comes of that... You like to say "duck". But your first word was "car". Nana heard it first. You're nice enough to give us all smooches. You like to laugh. And yell....loudly. Balls have always been your favorite. But lately you don't mind cars or stuffed animals.

Always know you're loved. Stay little. Remember where you came from.

Love you every minute,

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