Monday, December 12, 2011

Half Of A Year!

Happy Half Birthday Reagan,

Time has FLOWN! As corny as it sounds, your little life has felt like a dream.
I can never thank our Heavenly Father enough for you.
Your dad and I put you down to bed at night 
and turn on videos of you. We can NOT get enough.
You had your 6 months shots today which I thought was going to KILL me 
because you are getting older and I thought it would make you much
sadder for much longer. BUT, as always, you surprised me.
You let out a good startled cry but then you were over it!
I think you are going to surprise me 
the rest of your life.
That is part of being a parent I have learned...
Very good surprises for now
I know I am in for some that may be hard...
but we are going to make it through to the other side.
Be patient with me, especially with you being our first, you are going to be
our burnt pancake (hopefully just crispy)
I promise to do my best.

I found the best quote ever I want to share with you and I am going to put it on canvas
and display it in your nursery five minutes ago....

Love you baby

Pa pa and Grandma making
Reagan's night
watching the choo choo train!

Aunt Lucy and Reggy Roo

matching Christmas dresses! pretty girls :)

such  a sweet picture

older pic from Thanksgiving
cousin love
little Maddix and Reagan!


  1. Hey Friend! I stole your blog address off of your facebook account. I figured if you didn't want me to have it you wouldn't have posted it! I love love love the pics of Reagan. She is such a little cutie!

  2. I am so glad you you stole it :) Thanks! she is preeeeetty cute if I do say so myself. Allie is such a dolly herself. Soo so pretty and very grown up these days! Do you have a blog friend??