Thursday, March 8, 2012

I'm sure you'd like to know...

here are the rules:
1. post these rules.
2. post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. go to their blog and tell them they've been tagged.

Here goes...

1. being wrinkly, long natural finger nails, and the feel of newspaper all give me the creeps,
even imagining them as I type  gave me a yucky shiver

b. I turned 11 in Taiwan, my cousin, who is more like a sister, Jessica Kristen
invited me to go with her family. Very fond memories.

3. I secretly and genuinely want to never stop having children.
Realistically though, I'm sure we'll draw the line around five or six.
I also realize there might be moms reading this thinking, YOU ONLY HAVE ONE...just wait...
but seriously. Bring it on.

d. I never thought I was "crafty" but a year into my marriage I realized..
I love crafts. I love being in control of my decor, or 
accessories for me or my babe, and would LOVE to create
onesies for Reagan or refashion old clothes for myself.
as well as quilting, croqueting etc. get the idea :)

5. It never gets easy, for me, to read that Dumbledore dies. 
(P.s. I could listen to Jim Dal read Harry Potter almost every minute)

f. There are few things I adore more than taking pictures

7. I have the largest imagination of all mankind. Not in a good way.
In a very unhealthy, planning a get away for me and
my baby in case someone tries to hijack us in our car while Isaac runs in to get a movie, kind of unhealthy.
(you think I'm joking... there are names I could give that would validate the truthfulness of this)

h. I dream of warm(er) places to live

9.  Alfalfa Sprouts, fish, and cupcakes make my tummy smile

J. Road trips, or any trips for that matter, make me the happiest

11. I sincerely don't think twice about the size or luxury of  my future home
but I continuously imagine getting my hands on it and make it my own.
the possibilities...

My favorite activity to do on a sunny day, would have to be a day at the pool.
picnics and walks are fantastic also

I blog to keep a history with pictures. As well as to share my passions and "goings ons" with others
as well as getting to have a part in others' lives.

Taking a drive to clear my head,
 and saying a private prayer
 would truly be the best way to relieve frustration/anger.
Instead I choose to act like a child and pout and cry.

My perfect day would be a toss up between a day at home with nice weather so I could
 be productive by doing crafts
as well as playing in the sun with my baby and hubs.
A road trip not too far away to somewhere that would provide my family
with new activities and food. Large zoos and Indian food?

My ideal vacation would be one of warmth and relaxation (a beach...) with a few days of
fun activities.
Along with nights filled with rain storms.
Oh and....only purchasing a one way ticket.....

Dream job....WELL. I truly worked in one of my dreamist of all dream jobs
when i worked as a orthodontic assistant. best.ever.
Although my truest desire for an occupation I have come to find within myself is..
photography. mmmm I would love that

Biggest pet peeve. Either people talking/being obnoxious in a movie you overpaid to enjoy
bad drivers.

too many favorite tv shows and movies...however if I had to choose..gun to my head...
Emperor's New Groove

Worst fear?  easy.           mice

Hospital overnight?   Only to have a baby. I'm not sure if that counts.
So yes...but so have so many before me for this same reason.
only time

Favorite quote:

Enjoy the little things in life,
for one day you'll look back
and realize they were the big things.

the girls I have chosen are:

 Alyssa Stevens
Erin Steiner
Tara Siddoway
Rachel Davis
Rachel Fullmer (if you see this and have the time)
Shacie you need to get a blog and then participate!!!
Becca Jones
Laura Lee Musson
Amanda Bland
LeeAnn Davis
Jenn Davis
Kody Davis
Bridgette Davis...
Basically any of you cuties with a blog!
and seriously if you are reading this post...I pick you :)
since I'm new to this whole thing I'm not sure I have the most readers or viewers but
I'd love for any of you to answer this post.
Read the rules, follow them and then answer my questions.
k folks....

1. Looking back, what time period or experience made you want to be better?

2. If you had to choose a food to live on for the rest of your life....what would it be?

3. 5 things you know you couldn't survive without!

4. You're best trait? I know it isn't easy to admit. But it's good for you!

5. If family or occupation were not a factor....where would you live if given the choice?

6. What stood out to you very first about your husband that made you pick him? And if you are not married what is the most important quality you want to find in our future husband?

7. Favorite animal?

8. If given free time to yourself what would you do?

9. Role model?

10. Would you rather be a tribute in the Hunger Games or know that you would have to defeat Voldemort on your own? And explain.... (hopefully you have read or are familiar with each)

11. Greatest passion in life?

loves and hugs

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