Sunday, March 11, 2012

Life as I know it

This month and the last bit of Feb have consisted of
Reags being sick
Isaac being sick
Our first pack meeting...The Blue and Gold Banquet
Idaho Falls, maybe even just Idaho's first (not certain though) Caucus 
Making my own fabric covered button earrings AND clips
Watching some of my most favorite kids...Isaac and I had a "sleepover" at their house.
(I use to nanny for them.)
Taking Reagan to the park for her first time. She was fine with that.....
Getting ready to go visit our favorite people!!!!

Poor little one had to get her blood drawn. And also needed a catheter to take a urine sample. sad. At least we can figure out how to help
these little ones in this era.
She had a fever for a week, was miserable, and would snuggle with us.
all signs something was not right.
Gramps (a.k.a. her pediatrician) finally decided it was time to look into this further.
He said he was trying not to be a grandpa and was really trying to put off having to have her
have blood drawn etc.
The tests showed that she had a bladder infection. Antibiotics cleared things up
and my babes is back!
There are MUCH worse things parents have to go through.

I did had some pictures of the Banquet. Mostly of our boys' AMAZING cake decorating skills.
However, due to my late blog posting I didn't save the pics. I thought I had downloaded them, so I erased them. Sad.

 the line wrapped around the school. in the snow.
patiently waiting


 His name is Isaac, like the hubs. So since Reagan
was born he always says, "She gets confused and thinks I'm her dad too."
 we were watching a show and he pulled one of these numbers. 
to say I love him doesn't fully express how deep my feelings are for this kid.

Park...we will be seeing a whole lot of you from now on.

A few in between pictures

 pro: she can pick things up (i.e. food) and put them in her mouth
con: she can pick things up (i.e. buttons) and put them in her mouth
 i can't say it enough...she loooooooves babies.
 "china man smile"
 it does not matter where or when, she ALWAYS is in complete heaven when being feed a bottle
without fail. her eyes close. her hand go immediately to her eyes to rub and rest.
(this was in the VERY loud Caucus)
 she looks "bite size" on this
 my new "must have"... Bountiful Basket.
this was a friend's I picked up.
I had basket envy
 mom sometimes I think it is fun to pull myself up on things...
that's fine

ps.....flash back. she's so beautiful. truly.


  1. Lovely post friend! So excited to see my babe.

  2. I looooove bountiful baskets. I feel like such a nerd because I get SO excited over fresh produce. I always split one with another couple because it's so much produce!