Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The new man in my life

I mean really???^^^^^^

Dearest Emmett

I didn't know I still had so much love to give. I ever.

You poop... frequently...and we all know immediately when you have...
You grunt loudly. And often.
You have looked like a little man from day one.

Your sister adores you. This bond, the two of you share, will only grow stronger with time.
And as much as I would love for your growing to slow WAY down, I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I am a little excited to see you a little older and be able to watch you two interact.
That will help this mom come to terms with the whole growing up idea.

I have a hard time laying you down at night. I just sit by you and watch you for a while. I'm not use to us having so much distance in between us.

Son, I have known since you were still in my belly that you were going to be a peacemaker. I'm expecting that you will have your sassy moments. But in our family I know that your sweet spirit is going to bring peace to our home. 
I also am planning on your sister doing most of the talking in your behalf. It's okay to have your own voice too. I am anxious to see your personality. 
But I could live in this teeny tiny stage of your life for almost always.

love always,
your mom 

remember this...

I sure do.

Seems so long ago.

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