Friday, August 16, 2013

California living

accidentally matching.

Being their mom is alright, I guess. Ok, ok, its pretty apparent that I feel like its the best adventure I've been on.

How does Heavenly Father know us so well? So well. Each of us, separately. He knows exactly what can make us the happiest. But also knows just what we need to learn and grow?

Why are we here? To be comfortable? Or to be pushed out of our comfort zone?
We need to be SHOVED out of our comfort zone.

I remember feeling that I would never know how to be  a mom. So nervous.
Oh, you know, just the most selfish reasons. Worries of no more sleeping in. Lots of responsibility. No more money.
Pathetic. Embarrassing.
I needed motherhood in the worst way.
Now, I never want them to grow up and leave. ever.

There are still, gut wrenching, heart aching, tears streaming down your face times. But there are times, that I can't fully wipe my face of the tears, when one of my little loves shares a moment with me where they melt my heart entirely, or makes me laugh out loud and fall on my bum.

My heart is so full it's bursting out of my chest. Life is so good. Even when it is painful. And man, can it be painful.

God is so so so so good. He is great.

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  1. Great post. I LOVE that picture of emmett at the top. and reagan turning on the hose. and their matching outfits. and the dog.