Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Two (very late)

 1st attempt trying to get her to blow her candles out

2nd failed attempt ^^^

Happiest 2nd Birthday little love!

In the short two years of your life, you have taught me more than I have learned in two decades. Your loved ones love you something fierce. I am proud, every minute, to be your mom. You are brilliant...not just ordinarily smart. You have been blessed with the desire to learn that inspires me. You love deeply. You define sassy. And you sing loudly.

Everything about who you are makes me look differently about who I want to be...for you.

Your dad is your secret admirer. Who am I kidding? He doesn't keep it a secret at all. He usually swoops in to save you from me. You have learned, and used it  to your advantage.

Emmett sort of adores you. Everything....about you. He is aching to get up and join you. To mimic you. And, I'm sure, to love on you. Remember he is watching. Try to be a good example. Be kind. He wants to be your friend. I am sure you will do your best.

Reagan, remember how special you are. You are everything to your family. And your Heavenly Father.

I love you always,


To remember:
You speak many sentences.
You know your letters and numbers.
You know that each letter in the alphabet is the begining of certain words. i.e- "f" is for flower, "a" is alligator, "i" is for ice cream, "l" is for lion, etc.
You sing the "temple song", the "abc's", and "twinkle little star"
You woke up one morning and everything was yours, "That's MY..."

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  1. well it's about freaking time. Didn't I take like thirty pictures from this night and you posted four? Also, I Miss you.