Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"You Kill Her You Kill Me!"

the mr...

the mrs....

my sweetie!

this girl is too good to me!

 tax return
 I think it was an unfair ratio if you ask me!

the babes...
why is the girl looking up?

 because our thoughtful waitress offered her one of THESE...
she asked if she was old enough...
Well yes, I guess she is.
Grown up baby girl!
She was thrilled, needless to say.

 p.s. this was her vday present. 
Yes we do presents. 
just a fun tradition.
I set out to buy Lady and the Tramp. Well I could only find it with the
price tag of $30 dollars. So she came home with 
Beauty and the Beast, with half the price tag
which come to find out we already own. 
So it will be returned and
I will buy Lady and the Tramp at better price.


  1. Happy Valentines Day Doman people! I love you guys and love the pics!

  2. So glad you got it in time! Sams Club always has lots of Disney movies. Love you!

  3. Thanks Carolyn you too!! I sure love you back. Thanks for reading my blog!
    Court-Me too! Great suggestion! I will check into that. Love you more