Wednesday, February 22, 2012

recipe for a good day

begin with an outfit that made me smile

 add a cup or so of
birthday girl...20?
(I am lame-o and completely to document her birthday lunch!
so this is what you get)

-zest for family
-ability to retain knowledge, (forgot to leave me some of this!)
-fun loving
-just about any book -aholic
-movie LOVER
-friend to all
-duplicate of her momma with large punches of her own flare!
-a testimony I admire

we paired this lunch with
a good all around
Target run.
which puts just about any lady in fine spirits.
Lucy (birthday girl) purchased a number of tops 
that were STUNNING on her.

threw in a pinch of organization
to the clutter.
sigh of relief

along with sprucing to spring!

tossed with my pretty baby girl

 Eddy love
 8 months

 slightly blurry, but I think in this specific one she finally looks
slightly like me, when I was a babe

 "You mean I get to hold the apple slices and do what I please?"
I quickly learned my lesson as I discovered
she thought it was fun to gnaw off decent sized chunks, 
 blowing drying her hair made me 
laugh like a small child
"you see this cute baby mom?" 

top with  the fact that as we speak my man is giving his speech that
the kid worked hard on.
when he gets home it is like a Friday night because tomorrow is
his DAY OFF.

for a little sweetness
I think I will end the night with some serious felt flower making!

In the words of Ellen... "Be good to one another!"
loves and hugs


  1. Ohhh my. That blow drying picture has me rolling!!

  2. I love the blue headband. Cutee. This is a happy post!