Tuesday, April 23, 2013

2nd month of life, a little late

Dear Homer boy,

Emmett, your mom loves you. Like a whole lot. Don't turn 3 months. Slow down for crying out loud.
You've started talking. You've had special things to say. I have let you start to sleep through the night, that wasn't easy. You made a sad plea against it, that I almost gave in to. Even pulled on your dad's heart strings, whether he would like to admit it or not. You're sister is anxious to play with you. Each time she says "Hi Menett" to you, she makes sure to take your hand and wave to herself, as she knows you wish you could do yourself. 
Can't wait to watch you grow and learn.  It amazes me how quickly time has flown. I enjoy every second I can get to snuggle you.
I'm nervous as I imagine the type of mom you and your sister deserve and it intimidates me, a lot. But it also inspires me. I am going to work so hard to create memories and traditions, along with moments of teaching and love. You mean more than words could ever describe. Let's stay friends forever please?

You're such a sweet heart. Love you so deeply,


(this post had been saved in my drafts, don't know why it wasn't posted)

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