Saturday, October 29, 2011

baby girl is getting excited for her first Halloween

ooooh, nothing like a little one's first Halloween!
She is very excited to get dressed up, watch for future blog post to see
what Rea Rea will have dressed up as!

We made carmeled apples with The Taylors, the newly weds and Dave and Mary.
Isaac laughed until he cried which is probably only the second time,
that I can remember, him doing that! Dave made a funny that Mary didn't appreciate but got Isaac right in the KISSER! It was very fun then we all played a game of smarts until midnight. Doesn't get much better than that!

Being a "Stay at Home Mom" is my new favorite thing.

The Doman 4! All born within a month or two of another one. We took as many pictures as we could get and the one of the left is the
best one that I got. And the one on the right I had to get in closer because I thought it was just the cutest thing how those two ended up. The Cadenator and Reggy Roo!
Gotta love my Domans! We all talked about having a joint baptism in eight years for them all! That would be so neat!

Something to look forward to....  a SHIN DING at the Porters, we invited Jaquel and Tyler + the rest of the Johnson crew
and our dear friends The Fullmers! It's going to be a Halloween to remember!

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  1. dang you have a cute baby on your hands! how do you get anything done???