Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Sleep?

Watermelon :)
Bailee the owl and little Reagan

Luke Doman a.k.a Duke Loman's pumpkin carving skills on the very left and don't need me to spell out the gal's pumpkin skills on the right because she did that for you, because she is that good!

Doman clan posing for Hallown 11', p.s. don't be alarmed my 4 month old is standing by herself on Grandma and Pa pa's fireplace, N.B.D! (no big deal)

Henry was the scariest/studliest little monster around and Reagan got tired and fell alseep, sitting up mind you. and Rach dressed up as a zombie, I'm not going to reveal her secret on how she was able to get her eyes to look like that!

Painted Pumpkins!

PORTER PARTY!!!!!!! Jaquel and I made THE best caramel apples around. I try not to toot my own horn. But I love tooting Jaquel's horn!!! Anyway that is all besides the point because someone's horn needed to be tooted because they were divine!.Yum! P.s Look how cute the Fullmers are. Don't you want to eat them up?


  1. OH, love it! She is the sweetest thing ever! We miss her (and you guys) already :)! Excited to see you around Thanksgiving! Love you!

  2. i would like to point out that henry is enjoying the hanging upside down (his face is full of the grins).

  3. You guys made one cute baby... seriously!