Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Life is Bliss

For my small audience out there: If you plan on being my blog friend
you better realize that I have an obsession with my baby...
fairly enough! Right?
So there are going to be lots of pictures but 
I plan on adding other things about my life as well!

I feel especially grateful this November because of my new little family. 
They fill me with more love than I knew I was capable of!
Everyday with them is my favorite day and 
I can't wait to learn and grow with them and make our family bigger.
My husband is kinder to me than I deserve. 
I adore him.
A sweet spirited baby girl that makes her dad and I want to be the best us we can be!
She defines JOY for us.

I am also very blessed to have grown up in the family that I have...
who have been such great examples of kindness and giving, 
with such strong testimonies and unshakable faith!!! 
Funner (which is now a part of the English dictionary) than ever to see Mom and Dad
be grandparents, the role suits them nicely.
The bro and sisters have enjoyed being aunts and uncles for the first time :)
Reagan is one lucky girl... she is one loved girl.
So proud to call them mine. 
Oh so blessed!

My new not so little family, 
the Domans who are so special. Always so willing 
to do anything for anyone. I'm very
blessed that Isaac was raised in their home, and with
him being the man he is today because of the influences from such great examples.
Forever grateful.

 Life long friends who have changed me forever 
and blessed me in ways they will 
never know!
Rach Fullmer, Rachel Davis and Jaquely! You too!!!

A safe and wonderful cozy apartment to grow as a family in for a bit.

A job for my husband for him to provide for us!

Being able to be a stay at home mom!

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  1. great post. i made the cut! p/s tell reggie to keep her mouth closed.. so impolite... :)