Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dinner Disater!

So Basically I am a decent cook. 
I wouldn't call myself brilliant but generally I can execute a meal.
Well a couple nights ago totally ruined my track record.
I failed miserably. 
I spent quite a bit of time making "Orange Chicken"
It smelt amazing. We were excited to dig in.
With one nibble I saw that the chicken was WAY overcooked.
I followed the directions perfectly.
BUT... in further evaluation I realized that my problem laid or lyed (?) in the size of the chicken pieces
I cut them too tiny and cooked them as the directions said
four hours on low... (I should have known!)
Man that made me preeeety grumpy (just ask the hubs).
So... I had to save the night with these beauties (sarcasm intended!)

 an exact replica of THESE
I know right? The resemblance is spot on...with a few minor differences.

Okay all jokes aside they were tasty.
Also... they are green for Christmas spirit.
Not so pretty but oh so tasty. Thanks pintrest!

On another subject The Sing Off never lets me down but it did a little last week
but then it REALLY did on Monday night. So sad. Vocal Point...we will sorely miss you.

Now for a few shots of the babes. 
Necessary, I must say.
My mom heard about a brilliant idea that many folk out there are doing and we decided to do with Reagan.
Monthly growth comparison pictures. We chose to do ours in her crib.
So here is her 4 month pic. (See older post for older crib pics)


5 Months!

first she was like...

then she was like...

and FINALLY....

This is the winner!
drum roll please....

A sad pic of a baby not loving her coat and headband combo....


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