Saturday, November 12, 2011

Little one you are 5 months old!

Dear Reagan Roo,

Happy 5 months baby girl. You are so grown up I can't stand it.
You were just barely two weeks getting your pictures taken!
You are 5 months old, next month you will be one half of a year old!!! Wow.
I was just pregnant and imagining what my baby girl was going to be like.
You surprised me in all the best ways. :)
To say I love you doesn't fully fill how deeply I care for you.
Every morning is Christmas, even if you were up lots of the night!
     You have so much spunk, it makes us laugh!
And yet you have THE sweetest spirit, which draws others to you.

love mom
P.s. We just had a kiss fight before I put you down for bed
                                                                         and you won. :)

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