Monday, April 2, 2012

Cali has come and gone part one...

we had a blast
even though it was colder than home lots of the time
and most of the group got sick.
it was worth every second getting to see some of our most favorite people

 a short, half way point, stop and G and G Domans
they got him a little Birthday cake.
So kind.

many MANY hours in the car.
for being 9 months....She did so well

 big girl

pretty excited to see baby Reagan

 Reagan loved being with her friend Madi

not long after finally getting into town, we hit the Outlets.

I got these fun things for baby girl

had to show this one.
looks too grown up

lots of cuddle time

Reagers only kisses her most favorite people like this!

Madi loving helping with baby Reagan

It's not fair that we have to live so far away from her!

lots and lots
of loves!

Abbie was so tired and Madi was getting more and more sick.
both pretty sleepers!

Happy Birthday Mads!
Nothing makes a birthday happier than light up shoes!

lots of time in the car

five minutes to church, filled with hand holding
my favorite photos of the trip

the boys and their strollers.

baby girl had been puking that morning. But she tried not to let that get her down...
and still rode on the merry-go-round

Did you notice that Abbie is m.i.a? She got sick the day of Madi's birthday,
the very day they had told Madi we were going to Disneyland.
Abbie wanted to make sure she was able to go ON her birthday.
Such a good mom. We knew that she felt pretty awful to not be able to come.


  1. Madi looks like a mini-Abbie to me. And the hand holding picture is sooooo cute.

  2. It was sooo fun to have you guys here! Sorry the weather wasn't so great.

  3. haha nice garbage can:) can't wait until we can go to Disneyland together! You know, when we both live in Cali and stuff.

  4. Tara- totally! I thought the same thing while I was there!

    Matt and Abbie- We loved being there. We really miss being with you guys. The weather was the least of our worries. I felt bad two of you were so sick!

    Court- I know right? Someday.... maybe in a year? ;)