Saturday, April 7, 2012

3 for the price of 1

 Babes go to the park. Oh Cade!

 Tyson Todd is the definition of a stud. Only he could pull off both of these pairs of pants and still look so manly. He may or may not have peed his pants and a half hour ish later pooped his pants.

 Tyson and Ellie

Cannon and Cade             
both too cute. I especially love Cade with his arm hanging over the stroller and his shirt hiked up as though he just finished a filling meal. hah

 porter visits are the best. you get apples and Eskimo kisses. what more could you ask for.

Reagan your aunts (and family in general for that matter) sure are obsessed with you (me included). Don't let it go to your head. 

Also a small section of this post needs to be dedicated to a short story of the longest day of 
my life.

My dear cousin Rachel came up with a genius idea to do a day trip to SLC.
Sounds harmless...
About 15ish minutes on the road Rachel exclaimed, "Applesauce!
Strollers! We forgot them."
We had a group chat and decided that no mall in their right mind would not, NOT have rental strollers.

We went to IKEA first and found way too much. 
As always, IKEA did not let us down.
They had devices to hold and easily relocate children
without running completely out of energy.
As well as have endless goodness for low prices.

City Creek Mall and Gateway for that matter, forget it.
They would prefer for you to loose feeling in your arms
and not be able to enjoy a single part of their facilities.

Yes, I realize, dramatized. 
however worse things could happen.

 Rachel's rendition of our day is the best.

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