Wednesday, April 11, 2012

life is oh so good.

besides my cute husband
and my little lady...

the things that are making me the happiest today are....
drumroll please....

-baby Phebs (Phoebe Allyson Fullmer, catchy I think) will be making her debut at the very latest in TWO DAYS.

 what will she look like...?

 Ainsley Isabella, such a beauty. With her blonde hair and sky blue eyes.

And Emerson Michele with plenty of dark brown hair and deep rich blue eyes.

she'll be another little beauty!

-my dear long lost bestie will be coming in a week and two days!

(the girl's coming too)

-beautiful cousin Rach made it through a tough day with a couple extra bucks to spare....

 Instead of being tossed in jail and having to be bailed out, she got out lucky and only had to pay a small (ish) fine, and got to pay for her car to be fixed instead.
she's not the hardened criminal we all thought she was after all.

-even though this was yesterday, it is still on my mind... Cocoa Bean came up
with the most brilliant idea. They thought to themselves, "Our cupcakes
basically rock...why not add ice cream...Reeds Dairy ice cream..."
What are these people trying to do to me? I am trying to be so good
and they are making it mostly difficult.
Let's just say they are NOT shy on the cupcake portions.

last but not least... we ordered Domino's medium take out pizza for the low price of 5.95 plus tax.
oh but wait, we paid $0 plus tax.
I ordered the pizza while Isaac was on his way, they said it would be ready in 15 minutes.
It took them 5 minutes extra so they insisted on giving it to us "FOR FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE"

ok...only if you insist.


first we stopped by the porters for them (granny) to see her 
in her Easter dress.
(we also had a Porter Easter dinner [made by the rockstar Lucy] Monday night when Papa Porter was no longer on call, 
so he didn't have to rush and have dinner)
unfortunately...I did not take pictures of that event. G and G Davis were there for the fun.
We got to hear a story about our double Great Great (maybe another great...)  Grandfather...yes, I said double,
because he is both of my parents Great (maybe another great...) Grandfather.
it's legal.
It was neat to hear about what a great man he was.

 i get to keep them

  Egg Hunts

 Grandma planted jelly beans then watered them with the kidos, for them to come back later and find that suckers had grown. Reagan thought that sounded good to her!


 Easter basket for little one that will never know the difference. cute is she?

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  1. yayy one week! you have to frame that picture of reag and Isaac. so cute. I also love the white lace top with the crochet flower and the above picture with her hair and button up blouse... oh she kills me.