Thursday, May 3, 2012

If I posted more often.....

I wouldn't have the "throw up post" with never ending photos....

will never get old

 Reagan giving loves to Ashley!

 so lame that I am posting her 10 month crib eval pic... 9 days before she is 11 months (yes..I said 11 months :(  )

best crib eval pic taken.


 I'm aware that I am bias....but SERIOUSLY kills me... too pretty.

 chocolate covered Reagan! Got milk???

 she likes to show off that she has no limits these days...

 Oh how I need to teach you that, even though so many have made you the center of their world
(because you truly are wonderful)..... you can't know that!

 sitting forward is so one month ago mom!


 little people=her favorite!
Becks was so sweet to her!

 little brother's old hat. threw it on there. her reaction made me giggle.

for really?

the end look was different that I have envisioned, however it was so fun seeing her in curlers.

 Reaction when "her" puppy had to leave. no joke. (she was a little tired, but still)


  1. Reggers and Maizels. Best friends for life.

  2. I thoroughly loved the plethora of pics.

  3. Are you making fun of my posts, since they are always "throwing up pictures :)?! I love ALL the pics!

  4. P.s. I laughed out loud at her sweet little curls :)

  5. Oh. My. Gosh. I can't get over the curlers. And the very last picture with the tears! So funny and cute and sad at the same time.