Thursday, January 12, 2012

7 Months ago???

7 months ago?    werid!

1 week

1 month

blessing (first photo smiling)

3 months


 proudest moment

 First Christmas


bath pictures are the best
(I'm sure you haven't noticed that we dig them)
drinking out of a sippy cup already?
she rocks.

Happy 7 Months little love,

Thanks for all you've added to our lives.
You are so loved.
Remember who you are.
Your Heavenly Father loves you.

love mom

p.s. don't let teething get the best of you.

Important side note , Shout out to HENRY!
Happy birthday big guy! Hope you have a good one.
You deserve it!

P.s Mike you will be missed. Rarely, but sometimes
I dislike Biggest Loser.
"Well, because of the 5 pound
disadvantage you gave the other team,
you will need to send someone 
Thanks Alison, you're a peach.

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  1. Ohhh Reagan... your mother is so obsessed with you. Probably because you're adorable.