Thursday, January 5, 2012

Decide to Make it a Good Year!

I got off the phone with my near and dear to my heart
Grandpa Porter.
Each time talking to my, shinning example of
exactly what I want to be like when
I grow up...
He says...How are you guys? You deciding to have a good day?
Or...Are you choosing to be happy? so on and so forth.
Without fail this inspires me to 
quit complaining,
start doing,
and just plain...BE BETTER!
choose to make my life what I want it to be.

So....Here's to the New Year
  • Put Heavenly Father and My family FIRST...every minute
  • constantly be making goals...they do NOT need to be BIG
  • stop pinning and start DOING
  • of much healthier, this will help improve things in more ways then 11!          Elliptical, Yoga, and more VEG
  • make each day count!
  • do not be afraid of service
  • grow closer to my ward members and let them get close to me (I love people, but sometimes I am a chicken!)
  • don't let time escape me with Reagan, but don't become so obsessed with this that you are constantly panicked! NOT HEALTHY. 
  • Be extra kind and giving to the Hubs...he seriously deserves it
  • make a life style change with money, SAVE! (whenever we are at the store we "don't have enough" ;) , at home however we always have "Too Much!" ahhh!
  • be more aware of the world around the news occasionally 
  • challenge myself to learn new things daily
  • read books, lots of books! (I am SO open for recommendations!)
  • plan things, even small activities make for the BEST memories
  • push to better myself always (better wife, better mom, better person)


 Our very first time skiing together!
Skiing after many years of not. For me anyway. 
This is Isaac's second ever Ski Season 
(last year was his first)
and he thought about this day all summer long!
Can you believe it...?
I mean...I enjoy skiing but let's be serious.

It was an enjoyable day to ski.
The snow could have be better and powder-rier.
BUT it was sunny, which I took great pleasure in.
It was very nice to have a day to ourselves.
I get a kick out of a day with my best friend
Although I missed the babes tons! AH it about killed me to leave.
She however didn't even notice my absence.

Take a look at this cutie

 pretty girl!
this pic makes her eyes look teal, they are not
however, she does have stunning brown with a HINT of green eyes!

also just as a side note, I made that headband. I'm trying
and I hope to broaden my horizons,
try new styles
and just improve all together.
 Sitting up!  She told me that just plain old laying on the ground
is SO one month ago.
 new fav! She is a BEAUTY. gets me every time.
 so grown up!
"Petey, every time I try to bond with get away from me!"  

"hey mom, can't talk right now.
too busy multitasking, playing with my toy...and
sitting a champ"
-Rea Rea

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  1. Baaa, kills me how cute she is!!! Good goals although you do not have much to improve, miss you guys!