Sunday, January 22, 2012

Anakin, Skiing, Babes

Isaac and I have been 
First Harry Potter.
Now (one of my VERY favorites, not sarcastic)

There will not be a time of watching this great classic
that I will not be completely 
BROKEN hearted watching this transformation....

what a doll, right?

anyone see this coming? :(

In just two movies these events happen!

Step #1-Forbidden Love/Marriage. Step #2 His sole reason for coming to the dark side was to save his wife's life. Instead it resulted in..ending her life. Seriously breaks my heart Step #3 Darth Vador

Well we will be starting the next set of 3 in the trilogy

Skiing with the Porters

(Side note, this is how Janie fell asleep
No Joke! I kept looking back there to make sure 
and she didn't budge until we were home.
And when we pulled into the garage Janie said,
"Maaaaan! We're home already?!?!?
I was in the most comfortable sleeping position."

These are the only pictures I took, due to a continuous
down dump of snow!
When Isaac and I went, there was hardly anything
and it began to get icy. Which was not our favorite.
This time... there was plllllenty. Tons of powder. That was not yet groomed.
FUN but also scary at times. My calves and sore today
which is a sign that I am a baby and went so slow.
Furthermore it just snowed and snowed with the wind out of faces
which wasn't the best. 
HOWEVER...we really all had a blast despite the conditions.

People in attendance-
Esock (the hubs)
and The Jane Factor

Mom hung out with the babes at home. 
I missed her loads.


 two of my fav. things about her.
-the "no wrist"
-finger dimples. AH

 her dad's all time fav pic

 pretty outfit that the bestie got for Reagan for Christmas
 she's clapping because she enjoys the outfit as much as we do :)
how is she mine?

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  1. OH MY GOSH SHE IS SO FREAKING CUTE!! I love that outfit. I wish they made it in my size. P.S. it's good to see a post that's not entirely dedicated to your Reagan obsession :) Eliza is such a dork.